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We bring to you more than 20 years of international communications experience.

We are reponsive, reliable and experienced.

Sintagma provides high quality editorial and skills development services to clients located in Switzerland and around the world. We pride ourselves on completing projects or responding to queries promptly and professionally. We know how to meet deadlines, manage workflows, and keep our commitments.

Even better, we are specialists.

We concentrate in serving clients in complex, fast moving sectors such as financial services, labor and government, politics, private sector and non-profit organizations, lifestyle and fashion, entertainment and music industry. This lets us deliver work that is 'right first time'.

Because we're trusted by many major organizations.

Sintagma works for a wide range of clients, from individuals to communications consultancies and corporations located in Switzerland and around the world. To find out more about the companies that have used our services, please contact us.

We can help you with a wide variety of material.

We focus on business-related material such as communication and marketing literature and websites. We have also helped students with dissertations, people who need to write personal letters and many others.

We can improve the quality of your written material.

The material contained in your websites, sales literature, press releases and letters forms the public face of your organization. If you need to get it right, then contact us. We're highly accessible - the Internet really has made it possible to have an 'editor on your desktop' anywhere in the world.

We help you shine in public with our communications training.

From public speaking coaching that will help you shine in front of any audience, to positioning campaigns that build relationships you need to pursue your mission, we can help you lead and win by making a positive impact on the public.

Sintagma is easy to use.

Using Sintagma is simple. You can email your material directly to our inbox.