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Winning over an audience is a skill that takes training and practice. We help you shine in public or in front the camera. Before you consult publicly, consult privately – with Sintagma.

Public Speaking

Anyone can talk – but it’s what you say and how and when you say it that’s important. Professionally produced communication and adequate communications training ensures that a positive image is portrayed of both your plans and your organization. Audiences show up for information, but they stay for the stories. Told well, stories can be the key to a compelling presentation that truly engages the people sitting in front of you. Make it a story to excite and inspire. Brilliant public speaking is not an easy task, it takes some practice. We help you prepare so you can deliver a powerful, engaging presentation.


Empowerment is a process by which we increase the capacity of an individual or group to make choices and to transform their choices into the desired actions. It encourages people to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow them to overcome obstacles in life or work environment and ultimately, help them develop within themselves or in the society. In a nutshell, Empowerment means to give someone power or authority, to give someone a sense of confidence or self-esteem. We are dedicated to empowering our clients to use knowledge both for their own empowerment and in achieving their organization’s goals.

Gender Communication

What can you and your organization do to create more equality for men and women? The first step is recognizing the different strengths and styles that different genders bring to the work table. Men and women use different processes for decision making and leadership. The second step to creating gender equality is embracing similarities and making a commitment to bridge the gaps. We teach people the importance of effective gender communications and gender equality in interpersonal interactions, how to have positive personal impact and presence, generate rapport and create mutually beneficial empathetic relationships.

Education tailored to your needs.

We offer half a day, one day and two day workshops, seminars and training courses to instruct and motivate. We provide training, consulting and coaching services designed and customized to meet your organization’s unique business requirements.

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